Featured Font: Dosis

Get to know Dosis

‘Dosis’ is a sans-serif type font that is a bit rounder than others in this category. Designed by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Impallari, this font is a great choice for a light and relaxed style without being too informal. With multiple styles available (light, bold, extra bold, etc…) the font offers you many different use cases; you can use it for a headline, subtitle, or simply for plain text in your designs. The choice is yours!

Made for mobile

The font is great for listing the different specs of various items, especially for highlighting unique features of electronic devices. Try this clear and easy to read font out for your tech newsletter or perhaps for an info guide or manual. Use ‘Dosis’ for a simple and clean look that look great on mobile and desktop devices. This font helps give off a business and professional vibe without being too serious. It looks great on the brand new iPhone X too!

Design with ‘Dosis’ to ensure that the text of your email campaigns looks clean and easy-to-read on any mobile device. You can find it now with the 700+ other fonts in Mail Designer 365.