Featured Unsplash Image: March

With the astronomical start of spring just around the corner – 20th March FYI – it seemed only fitting to choose a spring-themed photo for this month’s featured Unsplash image. Reminiscent of sunshine and springtime fun, this photo by Jeremy Bishop is bound to add a touch of warmth to your email designs this month!

A stunning springtime motif for your email design

The natural, golden tones of this image instantly provide any email design with a feeling of positivity and warmth – exactly what the season of spring embodies. When we think of spring, we often think of flowers and new life. This photo captures a field in bloom and is great at representing this typical springtime imagery. Use this image for a striking header or as a colorful email background to get your readers excited for the upcoming warm weather. Because of the natural theme, it could work particularly well in a design for a travel or holiday brochure, a flyer for a nature reserve, or to advertise an event or family day at an outdoor activities center.

Get creative

If you want to try out this image for your spring-themed email design, you can find it in our hand-curated collection of images under the Unsplash tab in the sidebar of your Mail Designer 365 app.