Featured Template: Contemporary

Continuing with the theme of our new Design Ideas, this week's featured template is "Contemporary" - a bold, bright design idea for the more creative among you. The main feature of this design is its standout border; created using the new borders tool from the 1.2 update.

Give your design a contemporary vibe

Style: The template has a very artistic, colorful feel to it. The bright yellow border and strong color scheme is a great way to grab your reader's attention and say a lot without including masses of text.
Features: This design is great for advertising an event or exhibition, as it uses bold text to highlight the main information for your email subscribers. As well as your main text layout blocks, you also have the option to utilise a pre-built footer to include any important information, terms and conditions, or, most importantly, your unsubscribe link.
Images and GIFs: The image is the main, standout feature in this email design. With its unique yellow and grey filter effect, recipients are immediately captivated and drawn in. You can recreate this in any design by using the color tool to change the opacity of shapes and overlaying them on top of your image. The bold, white square is another unique way to add something different to the central image and break up the colors.
CTA (call-to-action): In terms of CTA potential, the CTA in this design has the form of a text layout block with a colored-in background. This is an easy way to ensure that your CTA will always show up, as all email service providers support text. The bold font and the contrast of the black background work together well to highlight what your call-to-action is.

Get creative

Like all of the design templates in Mail Designer 365, this one is also very flexible. Feel free to change it up and add text layout blocks or stickers- whatever suits you! Don’t forget to email us your designs to be in with a chance of being featured on our website!

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