Mail Designer 365 1.3

Our big 1.3 release is here and we can't wait to share what we've been working on. Tables and Batch Image Optimization are our two big new features, but we've also included a bunch of smaller improvements and bugfixes in this update. Let's dive in:


Available in Business Premium plans
This has been one of our most requested features from enterprise users: a lot of teams are using Mail Designer 365 to improve internal comms and share project updates. Now with Tables, you can design your newsletter around a table.
The biggest problem we had to solve was how to design a table for mobile devices. We think we've come up with a really nice solution: your table data is automatically presented as a series of cards, each perfectly formatted for smartphones. All you need to do is tell Mail Designer whether your data reads from top-to-bottom of left-to-right and it takes care of the rest automatically.
Tables also offer full border, padding and alignment controls, giving you more options when combining images and text in a grid-based layout.
To add a table to your design:

  • Open the Layout Blocks sidebar
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Drag in a Table Layout Block to your design

We currently offer a simple styled Table and a blank Table option – let us know what other kinds of Table Layout Blocks you'd like to see!

Batch Image Optimization

While you've been able to optimize individual images, some customers let us know that they would like an option to optimize all images in one go, right within Mail Designer. If you head up to the menu and choose Edit → Optimize All Images…, you can now do just that.
Mail Designer 365 lets you choose a format and compress options for all your images. If you choose the "Smart" option, Mail Designer will figure out whether an image should be PNG or JPEG and you can set the compression quality level for all your JPEGs in one go.

Other Improvements

Thanks to your feedback and reports, we've also been able to add a few other improvements and fix issues:

  • Layout Block categories have been re-organized
  • We've fixed a crash that could occur when opening designs
  • Saving Ready-made Layout Blocks works again
  • An issue that could occur when resizing multiple image elements has been fixed
  • The Business Premium badge now looks more premium
  • An issue with copy/paste has been fixed
  • Background color accuracy in Outlook has been improved
  • A formatting issue in multi-column text layout blocks has been fixed
  • Imported designs are now automatically added to a dedicated folder


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