Mail Designer 365 Version 1.8.5 Update Guide

Hey Mail Designers, we're back with another mini update for you to guarantee better app performance. Mail Designer 365 version 1.8.5 fixes some minor issues which have recently been reported in the app.

App Improvements

We have carried out the following fixes and improvements for you...

  • An issue that could cause dragged in images to appear transparent has been fixed
  • Loading web fonts in image areas has been improved
  • We have fixed a very rare crash on startup
  • An issue when creating lists in empty layout blocks has been fixed
  • We've improved pasting between image areas inside Mail Designer
  • An issue in teamwork mentions has been fixed

If you have any feedback regarding the latest update, or want to share any of your ideas or feature requests with us for the next update, you can do this via the Feedback tab in the left hand menu on the start page:

Stay creative!
Your Mail Designer 365 Team

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