Get your phones out! Following the release of the iPhone X, it’s mobile week this week at Mail Designer 365 News. “App Launch”  has a colorful and slick design which looks great across all devices, especially mobiles.

A super slick design for smartphones

Eye-catching style: Bright and colorful! The pops of colors really make this template stand out from the rest without going over-the-top. Say goodbye to boring black and white emails!


Image and text combination features:  With rectangular images and side colored text blocks, you have the chance to write a brief snippet about your products and a CTA (Call-To-Action) button. On the mobile version, you can expect a single column layout for a clean, easy-to-follow email design.


Mobile Images: In this template, you can access different images showcasing mobile phones. While you can easily change the phots, feel free to re-use any of the images provided in this email design. These mobile images may be helpful at creating powerful visuals, whether you are asking your subscribers to listen to your podcast, purchase your new single, read an e-book, etc.


CTA: Color coordinate your call-to-action buttons. Lay your CTA button above your images and match the color with the color of the text box above or below the image. Tip: The color picker tool in Mail Designer 365 allows you to accurately match colors within your design for ultimate creative precision.

Get creative

Mail Designer 365 gives you the tools to create your own powerful email campaigns. Customize any of these templates to fit your needs – change the color, change the font, change the pics – the power is in your hands!