As an email marketer, you need to be careful when you are accepting new opt-ins as well as cleaning up your subscribers list. Many have blindly dismissed dots, but this can be a mistake. Depending on the email client, dots can make a difference.

When do dots not matter?

Maybe you are familiar with how Gmail deals with dots in email addresses. Essentially, dots do not matter in Gmail accounts.

For instance, messages sent to any of these addresses will all go to the same inbox:

Is every email client like Gmail?

When it comes to Gmail accounts, dots are not considered as characters within the username. It does not matter how many dots you include and where you place them within your Gmail username. Gmail will consider all variations with dots as the same email address. Similar to Gmail, Facebook email also does not recognize dots as important. However, it is important to understand that not every inbox provider works the same way as Gmail or Facebook.

Important tip

Some inbox providers do consider dots important! For Yahoo Mail, dots matter. Emails sent to will not land in the inbox under and vice versa. They are treated as two different valid email addresses. Similar to Yahoo Mail, dots also matter in Outlook, Apple iCloud, and AOL mail.

For best practice when it comes to your mailing lists, use double-opt ins. Double opt-in is an effective way to ensure that the person who subscribed actually wants your email and that he or she also provided you with a valid email address. Setting up your opt-in forms to automatically ask for confirmation from each person who signs up for your newsletters helps remove invalid email addresses from your subscribers list.