Get ready for Christmas with this super festive font!

“Henny Penny” will bring a touch of Christmas magic to your newsletter creations this with its looped, playful style. Designed by Olga Umpeleva for Brownfox, this font was originally inspired by the fairy-tale chicken Henny Penny, but we think it’s the perfect choice for a fun and festive design!

Add some Christmas sparkle to your newsletters

We find that the unique and playful style of the font makes the perfect headline for a Christmas greeting or standout call-to-action. As part of our recommendations for festive font combinations, we paired “Henny Penny” with “Handlee” for a lighthearted, yet eye-catching effect. The font looks especially good in a vibrant shade of red – making it perfect for Christmas time! Use it to invite your subscribers to a festive party, or make them aware of your exciting holiday deals. Try this fun and festive style for your restaurant’s Christmas menu, or simply just for a friendly “Merry Christmas” greeting.

You can find “Henny Penny” along with our four other favorite Christmas fonts in Mail Designer 365’s web fonts tab. Try it out in your festive designs!