Add great vibes to your Easter email designs

With Easter upon us in just under two weeks, we wanted to find a font which was particularly fitting for this joyful springtime occasion. Great Vibes has a charming, lighthearted appeal which is highly effective and reminiscent of spring. The elegant typeface was designed by TypeSETit and adds the perfect finishing touch to any spring-themed email.

A fresh font to kick off your springtime email campaigns

The refined, cursive style of Great Vibes makes the font super versatile for your email designs. It works great as a stylish headline, but because it’s still very clear to read, you can use it for body text and CTAs too. We find the typeface has a sweet and floral feel to it – which is great for advertising your new spring clothing line or an Easter promotion.  Make your designs fun and seasonal and use this font to create an Easter egg hunt theme, or a sweet Easter greeting – regardless of  your business area, it’s always great to get involved during holidays.

Feeling inspired for your Easter designs? You can find Great Vibes along with 700+ other exciting web fonts in Mail Designer 365. Start creating!