Add some luxury to your newsletter with a touch of gold this holiday season. Fixi Gold is the perfect choice for a golden and glittering holiday email bound to get your subscribers in the festive mood!

Go for gold this December

Style: Who doesn’t need a bit of gold in their life? This glittering template is guaranteed to catch the eye of your readers straight away and prepare them for a world of elegance and luxury. The design fits well with a more upmarket product or could even be used as a contemporary way to advertise a glamorous holiday event.


Features:  With a huge golden banner and central featured item, this design is ideal for showcasing your top new product to your customers during the festive season. Slick and cool labels also allow you to point out your product’s best or newest features. The shiny gold color gives the design an extravagant feel – often associated with the holidays!


Images and GIFs: The central feature of the page has a large image area which provides you with the perfect opportunity to advertise your top new product. Your customers will be intrigued to find out what else you have in store. You could also use this space to insert an invite to your Christmas event or New Year’s Eve party. It’s the perfect festive eye-catcher.


CTA (call-to action):  A standout call-to-action button is also present, meaning readers can’t miss the chance to see what you have to offer. Use the CTA to entice your readers to buy your product or to visit your website to see the rest of your seasonal range.

Get creative

Remember, like all of the design templates in Mail Designer 365, this one is also very flexible. Feel free to change it up and add text layout blocks or stickers- whatever suits you!