A chalkboard style font with a classy twist

Designed by Crystal Kluge of Tarte Workshop, Fredericka the Great is a versatile, sketch-style font perfect for both headlines and text. This young and fresh font is fun while still remaining classic and cool. If you’re thinking of homework sketches, notes on a chalkboard, or scrapbook entries, and this font creates the vibe you’re looking for!

Style it out

Due to its versatile nature, Fredericka the Great offers you multiple potential uses. Add the chalkboard effect to your restaurant’s menu and advertise your ‘dish of the day’, or use it to create a storybook-style headline for your children’s clothing store’s next newsletter. Feeling personal? The sketched effect works perfectly for a side note to your customers, or as a subtle sub-heading or CTA to break up text. Get creative!

You can find Fredericka the Great along with 700 other inspiring web fonts in Mail Designer 365. Try it out today and let your creativity flow!