A fun all-rounder with Italian roots

Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your email designs with the help of Italiana. This chic and stylish font from Santiago Orozo was inspired by old Italian calligraphy and gives a sophisticated edge to any design. Designed for use in newspapers and magazines, it’s the perfect all-rounder for your newsletter design.

How to give your designs the Italiana edge

Because Italiana is such an all-rounder, there’s so many possible uses for this sleek and stylish typeface. Use it to write snippets and previews of your new articles in your lifestyle blog, for friendly welcome emails to new subscribers, or perhaps even for a minimalist style headline in your interior design newsletter. This font oozes cool vibes and will definitely boost your design’s appearance. Plus, its clear and easy-to-read nature makes it perfect for getting your point across (just what you need for a successful email campaign!)

Like what you see? You can try out Italiana along with 700+ other unique web fonts in Mail Designer 365 today and produce stunning email designs. Arrivederci!