Roll out the red carpet for Limelight

This week we were truly inspired by the Oscars while choosing our featured font. Designed by Sorkin Type of Principal Design, Limelight is a showstopping 1920s style typeface which just oozes old school Hollywood glamour – just think Gatsby. Add a sophisticated and stylish touch to your design with this Art Deco inspired font.

Make your newsletter design the star of the show

Limelight‘s unique style makes it perfect for a special headline or eye-catcher. Are you hosting an event soon? Use this classic font to add a glamorous touch to your invitations. This cinematic typeface would also be a winner for your old-fashioned movie theater.  Try out Limelight for the sale headline for your online vintage store. The charming Art Deco style makes this font a fabulous choice for almost any retro use case.

Feel inspired? ou can try out Limelight along with 700+ other amazing web fonts in Mail Designer 365. Get creative – we’d love to see what you’re designing. Share your designs with us via email for the chance to win a feature for your business on our website!