Say hello to one of our three brand new design ideas following last week’s huge 1.2 update! Let the all new “À petite Paris” design transport you and your subscribers away to a world of Parisienne style (and delicious macarons) in colorful and exciting email designs.

Get blown away by 3D border styles

Style: This design template really shows off the brand new border feature in Mail Designer 365 1.2. With its unique, “floating effect” border, you can create standout email designs for your business. The use of color is also a fantastic way to draw your readers’ attention straight to your design.


Features:  The clear layout of this design works perfectly together with the vibrant background. There is space at the top to insert your business’s logo or a header, followed by a short and sweet (no pun intended) introduction. The design also contains a practical combined layout block which you can use to showcase your star offers. Remember, to save any layout block combination, simply hold the “Cmd” key, click on the handle of the layout block, and drag your selection to the “Ready-Made layout blocks” section.


Images and GIFs: As well as a vibrant photo background to set the scene, this design also has a central image where you can feature your best product. Alternatively, you can also use the Unsplash tool to find a fitting image for your email design – the choice, as always, is entirely yours.


CTA (call-to-action): Rather than one main CTA button, this design contains three smaller options; giving your subscribers multiple options when it comes to visiting your website. Additionally, an inbuilt social media footer is also included, giving you the chance to integrate your email and social media marketing.

Get creative

Like all of the design templates in Mail Designer 365, this one is also very flexible. Feel free to change it up and add text layout blocks or stickers- whatever suits you! Don’t forget to email us your designs to be in with a chance of being featured on our blog!