Summer isn’t over yet! The “Summer Sale” template is one of Mail Designer 365’s exclusive new design resources which we added to give you even more choice when creating your newsletters. Read on to find out why it’s our featured design!

A summer must-have

Style: The eye-catching yellow pattern in the background of the newsletter is perfect to point your customers towards a sale or a special offer you want to promote.


Features:  With large images you have the opportunity to show off your featured products. This also provides you with a great opportunity to insert an eye-catcher or a CTA (Call-To-Action) link to your store. Express yourself with little text and let your products do all of the talking.


Images and GIFs: The smaller images allow you to show off the rest of your product portfolio and the GIF in the middle is an imaginative way of advertising a percentage discount for a sale. You can easily edit the GIF to display whatever percentage you like.


CTA: The stand-out CTA at the bottom of the design also offers you another way to link customers through to your store. If you want to make it friendlier, feel free to change up the color- perhaps to a warm red or a stylish mint green.

Get creative

Like all of the design templates in Mail Designer 365, this one is also very flexible. Feel free to change it up and add text layout blocks or stickers- whatever suits you!