We’re well into April now and finally things have started to heat up; the sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and, this month, our Unsplash choice is definitely fitting for the warmer weather. This stunning photo by Marko Blažević reminds us of relaxed spring evenings and, for us, sunflowers are always a super positive motif to include in a design.

Brighten up your email design with these stunning sunflowers

This image stood out to us because of the vibrant colors and warm feeling – exactly that of spring. Sunflowers are a great way to add life to an otherwise plain design and also evoke positive feelings in the reader due to their connection with happiness. This image would work great as a vibrant header for your monthly office update, or in a holiday brochure to encourage subscribers to book an outdoors trip for the upcoming May holidays. Whatever the design, these golden sunflowers are guaranteed to give your email newsletter the perfect spring vibe it needs to stand out in your customers’ inbox.

Get creative

If you want to try out this image for your spring-themed email design, you can find it in our hand-curated collection of images under the Unsplash tab in the sidebar of your Mail Designer 365 app.