The final month of the year is upon us and festive designs are an essential part of any successful holiday marketing campaign. Alongside our tips and tricks for seasonal email marketing, we wanted this month’s featured Unsplash image to be extra festive!

Kick-start your Christmas campaigns with this heartwarming image

No matter what age you are, there’s nothing more exciting than a pile of presents under the tree! It’s an image which floods us with nostalgia and feelings of festive warmth and thanks to Andrew Neel it can be the star of your email design this December! Try this image out as the central image for your holiday giveaway, or as a background for your simple, yet heartfelt Christmas greeting. It would also look super cool as the center of a seasonal collage! Try overlaying this photo background with a white, or semi transparent box to help keep it eye-catching while your text is still visible.

Get creative

Whatever the season, the Mail Designer 365 team is always on the look out for beautiful and inspiring images to add to our Unsplash collection. You can find this photo, and many other festive choices in the Unsplash tab of your Mail Designer 365 app.