It’s February and love is most definitely in the air this month, which is why we’ve chosen an extra romantic image for your Valentine’s Day design inspiration!

The perfect background for your romantic designs

This sweet and romantic stock image from freestocks was a super cute addition to our Unsplash collection this month. Simple, yet effective, you can use this image to brighten up the background of your Valentine’s Day newsletter design. The soft pink tones are perfect for a romantic feel, and subtle enough to not distract from the main message in your email. Use it to send your subscribers a heartfelt Valentine’s Day greeting, or to add a sense of seasonal romance into your store’s sale or upcoming product launch. As for fonts, you could try pairing it with Meie Script – our featured Valentine’s Day font. Or another eye-catching style. As always, creativity is key!

Get creative

If you want to try out this image for your Valentine’s Day email design, you can find it in our hand-curated collection of images under the Unsplash tab in the sidebar of your Mail Designer 365 app. Happy Valentine’s Day, designers!