The holiday season is over and it’s back to work and normality for most of us. At this time of the year, it can often be tricky to stay focused and positive, which is why we wanted to find a particularly motivating photo be this month’s featured Unsplash image!

Inspire your customers with this motivating image!

January is a month of mixed emotions; on the one hand, you have the excitement and positivity of a new year and a new chapter, but on the other hand, the reality that the holidays are over can hit us well and truly hard. We do a lot to stay motivated in the new year. Whether it be making resolutions, starting a diary, or joining a gym, we are all open to making positive changes. This month, we have chosen this wonderful image from Samuel Scrimshaw, as well feel it perfectly sums up the positive side of starting a new year. The open space is representative of endless opportunity and freedom. Use this outdoors-themed image in your monthly fitness newsletter, in a travel guide, or simply to send an inspiring message to your customers this January.

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