A fitting font for your romantic designs!

Designed by Johan Kallas and Mihkel Virkus of Principal Design, Meie Script is a beautifully elegant choice for your Valentine’s Day themed email designs. Based on Estonian handwriting standards from the early 20th century, this calligraphy style font oozes class and charm – exactly what you need for a captivating newsletter.

Newsletter designs with an extra special touch

Like most calligraphy/handwriting style fonts, Meie Script is great for adding a special touch to a design. Try it out when signing off a transactional email for a more personal effect, or add a sweet side note to a Valentine’s Day themed promotion. This font is also a great choice for a classy headline – use it to grab attention straight away. Because it’s so sophisticated and elegant, you can also use Meie Script on your restaurant’s Valentine’s Day menu for the ultra romantic touch.

You can find Meie Script alongside 700+ other fonts in Mail Designer 365 – try it out for your Valentine’s Day design. The big day is coming soon! Are you prepared? Check out this post for more great tips on Valentine’s Day marketing!