Introducing... Cedarville Cursive

Designed by Kimberley Geswein to represent her own handwriting, ‘Cedarville Cursive’ is an authentic and artistic font with a very unique style. In contrast to many other handwriting-style fonts with big loops and flourishes, this font is much more simple and refined and is also easier to read. We love the personal-feel of it!

Our recommendations

The font itself has many possible uses. You could use it as a simple, minimalistic title, or you could use its handwritten charm to write a more personalized email. Try it out for a short, sweet note thanking your customers for subscribing to your newsletter, or use its minimalistic style to create a cool headline for your bar or bistro restaurant.

Feel free to try out ‘Cedarville Cursive’ at any time – you can find it along with over 700 brilliant fonts in the Mail Designer 365 app.