Mail Designer 365 offers you multiple creative ways to integrate links into your newsletter. Say goodbye to boring, underlined blue links which your customers will most likely ignore and try a new style.

Revamp your links

You can link the entire background area of an image layout block or simply link your chosen text sections within a text layout block.


Mail Designer 365 gives you the option to build text links into your design style for a more polished and professional effect. This feature is especially useful for those of you producing curated newsletters which contain a large amount of links.

Follow the steps below to start customizing your links:

Step 1 > Highlight a section of text within a text layout block.

Step 2 > Click on “Add Link” and copy your chosen URL into the box.

Step 3 > You can now format the text.

Step 4 > Under the “Emphasis” heading, choose your preferred font and color.

Step 5 > You can even choose to deselect the underline option if you prefer.

Don't forget

Remember that, alongside your formatting, your recipient still needs to be able to recognise your call-to-action within your newsletter so it sometimes would also make sense to go for a more classic, underlined link style so that your links don’t get lost on the page.