The winter holiday season is the time of the year when people are looking to find great deals online and offline for everyone on their shopping list. As an email marketer, it’s that time of the year when you can get extra creative and make festive email designs. 

Create festive GIFs

You can add a lot of fun and personality with the help of GIFs. Just make sure to create festive GIFs without being holiday-specific. Otherwise, you may alienate a portion of your subscribers list. Remember, people celebrate different holidays, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc.

Snow-themed GIFs

Whether you are a new email marketing professional or a bona fide expert in the field, you can have a lot of fun with snow-themed GIFs. You can try snowflakes to create cool, wintery vibes

To save this snowflake GIF, please right click the GIF below and choose “Save” or “Save as…”

Candy cane – themed GIFs

Candy canes were originally associated with Christmas, but this peppermint treat has grown to be a special winter holiday candy for everyone – not just people who celebrate Christmas.

To save this candy cane GIF, please right click the GIF below and choose “Save” or “Save as…”

Colorful Lights

The holidays are full of glee. You will see plenty of bright and colorful lights all around.  Bring this joyful feeling to your holiday email designs by adding a colorful lights GIF.

To save this string of lights GIF, please right click the GIF below and choose “Save” or “Save as…”

Important tip

Only add one GIF per one image area! Do not add more than one gif into one image area. If you do this, then the GIF that you last added will be the only one that animates. To add multiple GIFs into your email design, make sure to use a layout block with multiple image areas.

Have fun experimenting with GIFs in your holiday designs this year! Keep checking Mail Designer 365 News for more festive design advice and tips on holiday email marketing. Did you read our latest font tip? Read this post to see why we chose Henny Penny as our featured holiday font.