You’ve probably heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying has been used as early as the early 20th century. We use pictures to convey ideas and emotions. They are undoubtedly a very effective tool in marketing to consumers.

Make the most out of your images

When it comes to using images that you did not take, create, or do not own, you should stay mindful of the laws and licensing types that guide images. Many images published on websites like Unsplash are published under “CC0,” which means “no rights reserved.” Curators who publish their works under CC0 waive copyright of their works and place them for public use. Others, like you and I, can use them, edit them, etc. without restriction of copyright law.

The exceptions!

While CC0 gives people a lot of freedom, keep these exceptions in mind before using an image:

  • Are people’s faces identifiable? If they are, you will require their individual consent – and not just the consent of the artist or photographer who took the picture.
  • Does the picture show other products or logos? Refrain from using these types of photos because they may suggest that the other brand or product is endorsing your product or service.
  • Do you see landmarks or buildings that are actually private property within the photos? If yes, avoid these pictures unless you can acquire the permission of the owner of the private property.

Get noticed with powerful photos

In Mail Designer 365, you have access to many photos and patterns. You have the creative freedom to use any of the photos provided within the software for any of your email newsletters.

Attract with images

Whether you are launching a new product or hosting an event, images help grab and retain attention. Let’s face it… People are easily turned off by big bodies of text in emails. You need to divide the pool of words with carefully chosen images. Feel free to drag and drop your own images into your design or simply grab one in Mail Designer 365.