The newsletter background is something which is so often overlooked when creating designs but in fact, its potential is often missed. In Mail Designer 365 we offer many different ways for you to optimize your newsletter background. Here are some of our best suggestions…

Back in business

Experiment with textures and patterns

Mail Designer 365 has a wide range of patterns and textures which you can apply to give your background a bit more character. Try adding in a vibrant, colorful background and pairing it with simple, white text layout blocks for a contrasting effect. Or alternatively, for a more subtle and blended effect, try out on of the “subtle textures”.

Use background styles to boost your headlines

You can accentuate your headline by inserting one of Mail Designer’s specially designed header backgrounds. This will really make your newsletter title stand out to your readers. We find this works particularly well when you want a neutral background with a pop of color. If you can’t find the image you want in our selection- you can also add a photo of your choice- the freedom is yours!

Showstopping photo backgrounds

For shorter emails with less content, you can apply a photo background to make your image the main focal point of the newsletter. Use the new Unsplash feature in Mail Designer 365 and search through thousands of high quality stock photos to use in your designs. Alternatively, you can choose from our content library, or, of course, you can drag your own photo into your design’s background. ¬†You must take care that your email isn’t too long, as this could cause your image to repeat itself and create an undesirable effect. For longer emails we would generally recommend a patterned background.

Don't forget

Don’t forget to also check the appearance of your background for mobile devices. You can use Mail Designer 365 to preview your designs on multiple devices including mobile phones and tablets. Make sure you double check this before sending, as mobile backgrounds will not always appear the same as desktop view. For more advice on optimizing your newsletters for mobiles please read this post.

Try experimenting with your backgrounds in Mail Designer 365 today and see what a difference it makes to your newsletters.