Mail Designer 365’s shapes offer you a world of possibilities for your newsletters. They are capable of being more than just placeholders or call-to-action buttons. Shapes can re-invent your whole newsletter. With a little creativity you can work wonders!

Shape up

Adjust the transparency of your shapes in the color chooser to create subtle effects when layering text over your featured graphics. This is great when the main feature of your newsletter is an image, but you still want to make your text noticeable.


You can create unique and quirky designs by copying and pasting shapes and rotating them. Change their colors and move them around as much as you like. This works particularly well when you want to make a quick and eye-catching title banner.

Gradient tool

For something other than bold block colors, use the gradient tool to break up harsh lines and create stunning effects. This video guide is a useful resource if you want to try out this subtle yet stylish effect.


Use shapes to change up the design of your layout blocks and create interesting, angular image effects. This looks especially cool on newsletters featuring a grid of images.

Layer up

You can also use the transparency tool alongside our brand new image effects to create even better images for your newsletters. Frame your photos by making the image transparent and choosing a stand out colour for the border, or layer vibrant coloured shapes over your images to create wonderful eye-catchers. Learn more in this YouTube tutorial.

Start making the most of the shapes in Mail Designer 365 now and see what a difference you make to your newsletter design!


Tipp: check out our ready-made buttons for more inspiration on how to cleverly group shapes together.