Speed things up with ready-made layout blocks

Mail Designer 365’s ready-made layout blocks offer you a quick and easy solution for creating professional newsletter layouts. You can find the ready-made options in the app sidebar where 20+ ready-to-edit design options are waiting for you. You can find eye-catching headers, catalogue-style grids, social media buttons with links and much more! Simply drag and drop into your design to get started.

Re-usable custom layout blocks

Easily recreate your favourite layout blocks and use them over and over again with Mail Designer 365’s brand new “custom layout blocks” feature.


Select the layout block you want to re-use and simply drag it over to the “ready-made layout blocks” sidebar.

You will find all of your custom layout blocks saved under the “custom” heading in the ready-made layout blocks sidebar.

Save your favorite layout block combinations

Sometimes a group of layout blocks will work particularly well together and you may want to group them together to copy and reuse certain aspects of your design in another newsletter. You can do this using Mail Designer 365’s multiselect tool.


How to: Select multiple layout blocks at once by pressing “Shift ⇧” or “Cmd ⌘” and selecting your chosen designs to drag over to the sidebar.