With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we think it is important for you as email marketers to take a break from sales emails and show some appreciation to your subscribers. After all, where would you be without your customers? We want to let you in on some of our best tips for the perfect thank you email.

Get personal with customers

Personalizing your emails is a lovely way to let customers feel special and appreciated. Start off your message with an endearing personalized greeting to your customer and try to create focus groups to make the message relevant to your target reader. Nobody likes to feel like part of a huge list of subscribers. If you take the time to make your customers feel valued, they are likely to show much more interest in your emails and, in turn, your website. You can even use the subject line optimization tool in Mail Designer 365 to create an individual subject based on the customer. The more creative, the better!

Offer readers a thank you gift

Nothing shows your appreciation better than a thank you gift! It doesn’t matter how small it is, the main thing is that you are thinking of your customers at this special time of year. You could offer readers a code for free shipping or money off their next purchase. If you want to be extra special, use your analytics to separate customers into groups based on interest and give them special offers based on what they like. E.g. 20% off all kidswear for people who usually shop in the children’s section. This will show your customers that you understand them and it’s a win for both of you!

Check out our Design Ideas

Mail Designer 365 offers you a huge range of customizable design ideas which can be adapted for any type of email. The “Thank You” template is super minimalistic and perfect for getting across the message you want to share with your customers. Alternatively, you can use any of the 80 other design ideas in the app to create a flawless thank you email this Thanksgiving. Take advantage of photo backgrounds, a huge content library, over 700 fonts, and different layout blocks to create unique designs.

Send a holiday greeting

Even the simple act of sending a holiday e-card is enough to let your customers know that you’re thinking of them. It’s refreshing for subscribers to find emails in their inbox which aren’t just focused on sales. Stand out from the crowd this year. Try customizing one of our Mail Designer GIFs as a fun twist on a classic holiday greeting. You can also use this site to make your own GIFs for your customers.

We hope you’ll try out some of these thank you ideas this Thanksgiving. Generally speaking, a little goes a long way. There’s no better way to strengthen the business to consumer bond than showing your customers they’re appreciated!