Last week was the annual Pink Week, and to pay homage to all things pink, we wanted to let you in on a hot new design trend! “Millennial” pink is the new big thing when it comes to marketing, design, fashion, and almost anything nowadays! Following the hype surrounding “Pale Dogwood” (aka Pantone’s featured color in their Spring fashion report), we have been seeing a steady rise in all things pink! Find out our top tips on how you can incorporate this hot new trend into your email designs.

Color codes

In Mail Designer 365, you have access to an unbelievable spectrum of colors to brighten up your designs. For those of you looking to get started with the millennial pink trend, a simple way of incorporating it into your design is to subtly use it as a background, font or CTA color. We’ve collated some color codes for you to try out in your designs for beautiful pink hues. We particularly love #F7CAC9 for a subtle baby pink tone.

To use color codes in your design, simply click on the element you want to change (e.g. background, shape, layout area) then click on the color tool in the sidebar, select the Color Slider tab and click the Settings icon. From the list, select ‘Generic RGB’, then type the code into the Hex Color box, and click enter. This will apply the color to your chosen design element.

Get to know the new Unsplash feature

Our brand new Unsplash feature also serves as a great tool for those of you on the hunt for featured images or photo backgrounds. It’s also great for finding images to match the color scheme of your design! Try typing the word “pink” into the search bar to look for images that you can use to make your designs bang on trend!

Get inspired

For those of you still wondering how to incorporate more pink into your designs, we’ve created a “Millennial Pink” board on Pinterest, full of real life examples to inspire you. You can also check out out Pinterest for creative design ideas – don’t forget to follow us while you’re there, we’re always on the lookout for new design inspiration!

Important tips for perfect pink designs

  • Pink isn’t just for girls! Even if your brand targets men only, there’s no reason for you to shy away from the millennial pink trend. One of the great things about this soft pink, is that it’s a very neutral color. There have been several big menswear brands who have included pink in their campaigns for stunning results. We love this example by Acne Studios showing that anyone can wear pink!
  • Color combination is important: If you are looking to get on board with the millennial pink trend, it’s important you pick the right color combination for your design. Pairing a soft pink tone with black, white, or gray creates a super stylish and minimal effect.
  • Less is more: It’s no question that pink is on trend right now, but overloading your designs with it is NOT! The best way to make the most of this trend is to subtly incorporate it into your design. Try picking out one or two key elements (e.g. CTAs or headlines) to highlight and then use the pink shade as a visually appealing pop of color.

Give pink a chance in your designs! You can try out all of these techniques in the Mail Designer 365 app right away.