Social media marketing is on the rise and more popular than ever. Providing businesses with a quick and easy way to interact with customers, a vibrant social media campaign is the perfect sidekick to your email marketing strategy. For this reason, it’s a great idea to try and integrate your social media presence into your email newsletters in order to gain maximum exposure. Luckily for you, that’s made easier than ever with Mail Designer 365!

Create and save a social media footer

With the help of our custom layout blocks tool, you can create and save layout blocks to use again and again in your designs. This way, you can include links to your social media pages without thinking twice. After you’ve included all of the relevant social media links, simply drag your layout block into the “My layout blocks” section in the contents menu.


Don’t know where to start? In the ready-made layout blocks section, you’ll find two customizable social media footers ready for you to use. Drag and drop into your design layout, and edit the style as required. To change a link, click on the icon and choose “Add link” from the style menu in the app sidebar.


Tip: If you want to include links to a different site than in our pre-made footers, check out the “Icons” section in our content library. There you’ll find options for the most popular social media sites.

Share your most recent content with your email subscribers

A lot of the time, your email subscribers might not even be aware of your social media sites and what you post there. Use your emails to share your social media content with a new audience. This is a great way to give your email subscribers a taste of what to expect if they follow you on social media, and also the perfect opportunity to make them aware of your online presence. By sharing new content with them, many subscribers will be enticed to follow you and engage more with your business online. Here’s a real-life example of how you can use Mail Designer 365 to include social media content in an email design: We recently included a link to our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board to gain more followers for our page.

Provide an incentive to follow

This is very effective, because, as humans, we’re often much more likely to do something if it will benefit us directly. ¬†One popular way of providing an incentive is by creating an online giveaway. Giveaways have been increasing in recent years and have proven to be an effective way of getting a large influx of followers without having to work too hard! Here’s how you can get on board with this trend using Mail Designer 365:


  1. Insert a suitable image area into your design layout.
  2. Choose an eye-catcher from the content library and drag and drop it into the new image area.
  3. Choose a text style and edit it to be as visually effective as you can. Then, enter your CTA (call-to-action) text. E.g. “Win a free spa treatment!”
  4. If you wish, you can also include a photo to make the promotion more eye-catching. Use your own image, or search the Unsplash library for a license-free stock photo.
  5. Finally, click anywhere in the image area, and click on “Edit link and background” > “Add link” to link to your social media giveaway.

Although fairly simple, these three easy steps are a super effective way of integrating your social media sites into your email newsletters. Try them out in your next designs and you should see your follower count soar!