A new year means it’s time to set some new goals for your business, and we think your new year’s resolution for 2018 should be all about email marketing! January is a great time for email marketers to totally revive and reinvent their campaigns in order to turn over a metaphorical new leaf for the coming year. Here are some of our top tips on how you can stay motivated and make the most of 2018!

Get your branding on point

Many people like to turn over a fresh new leaf at the start of a new year and perhaps give themselves a makeover or decide to make some positive changes. As a business, one of your most important assets is your brand, especially when it comes to email marketing! Take this opportunity to really focus on perfecting your brand image and coming across clear and confident in your emails. If you really want to make some changes, you could consider creating a new logo or updating your branding guidelines. Our recent Newsletter Academy post goes into more detail about how you can establish an effective set of brand guidelines for your email designs.


This example of brand guidelines from Urban Outfitters should give you some more inspiration on how to get started. You can find more examples here.

Create special offers and incentives

After the holidays, your customers are likely trying to scrimp and save and find the best deals. Make your product or service more appealing to bargain hunters by promoting your new and exciting offers at the beginning of the year while people are still open minded and looking to make changes. If your business is based on a subscription model (i.e. a fitness centre or streaming service), lock customers in by promoting a reduced price fee, the sooner they get started, the better! A good enough offer will be an incentive for them to remain loyal to your business for this year and many more to come!

Have a consistent schedule

If you don’t already, try to stick to a routine when it comes to email marketing and other published materials. For example, if you choose to send out a weekly email newsletter, be sure that you always send it on the same day at roughly the same time. That way, not only will your customers benefit from regular and consistent updates from your business, you will also be able to prepare better for the busy weeks to come. If you post blog updates or informative articles, make sure you plan according to the calendar so you are prepared for any important upcoming events (i.e. Valentine’s Day or Easter) and keep posting relevant content. Being organized is a great way to start the new year and will make you feel much more positive too!

Motivate your customers

Where the new year can often begin on a high, for many, this quickly wears off once going back to work and adjusting back to the day-to-day routine. Your customers will definitely appreciate a few motivating words to keep them engaged and positive! As we always like to stress at Mail Designer 365 News, email marketing is not all about sales, keep your subscribers happy and content and they will stay subscribed! Try sending out a positive or humorous message to lift the mood!

Give them something to look forward to!

One thing that many people enjoy to do during January is make plans for the rest of the year! After the festive wind-down period, a lot of us start craving more fun and adventure, which is a great time for your business to inspire customers! For example, you could display some of your best summer holiday packages and promote earlybird offers to entice customers to book sooner rather than later. Have you got an event coming up? Make sure you have the tickets available for presale way in advance before diaries start to fill up. Make the most of this exciting time of the year!