Emojis: some may see them as a fad and a marketing no-go, but we happen to think otherwise. Following the latest iOS 11 update, we now have access to Emoji 5.0! With hundreds of new Emoji options available to play around with, you can use our guide to add color and character to your inbox, and increase your email marketing success.

The mighty emoji

  • Less is more: Remember that you need to communicate the gist of your email in a limited amount of characters so don’t waste them all on too many emojis.


  • Stay relevant: Make sure your emoji fits in with your chosen text and communicates what you want it to. If you don’t have a featured image for your design, you can really use emojis to brighten it up!
  • Find the emoji for you: Emojis can add to your brand’s identity and allow your customers to easily pick out your emails in a sea of others. Is there an Emoji which suits your brand? Try signing off your emails with it, for a friendly and informal approach.


  • Consider your corporate identity: Think about how professional and serious you want your brand to come across via email. Emojis are great for some but don’t suit everyone.
  • Do your research: Some email providers might not display emojis properly and you could be left with unattractive blank boxes in your subject line. Think about where you are sending your emails and then consider whether or not emojis will be worth it.


  • Brighten up your subject line: Emojis in the email subject line are a given way to attract more attention. Stick to the above guidelines to ensure it’s the right kind of attention, and you’ll do great!

Still not sure?

If you are still having doubts, try carrying out a split test. Send half of your readers a standard version without emojis and send the other half your new emoji version. See which one receives more clickthroughs and then make your decision.


Give emojis a chance and test them out in Mail Designer 365 today. You can access emojis through the keyboard shortcut “ctrl + ⌘ + space”.