In a world where email marketing has become the new norm, it is inevitable that there will be many people overwhelmed with receiving so much content and will eventually make the decision to unsubscribe. Here are some approaches you can use to win them back.

Inviting subject line

No matter how great your newsletter is, if the subject line isn’t engaging, your readers will skip your email and they’ll never see what you have to say! Keep it short, snappy and inviting. You can test your inbox snippet in Mail Designer 365 to see just how effective it is. Try including emojis and the customer’s name for an extra-special feel.

Offer an incentive

Offering your readers an incentive to stay subscribed is an excellent trick. Not only can you keep them reading your emails, you may also even see a boost in sales if you offer percentage discounts or free postage; it’s a double win! Here is a great example of an incentive from Reebok which clearly targets potential unsubscribes with a discount code.

Show them what they're missing

The double-check feature is super effective, as it makes readers think twice before they actually unsubscribe. This is the perfect chance to show readers what they would be missing out on if they go. This example from Paul Mitchell is a humorous way to effectively make readers reconsider before unsubscribing.