When you go through your subscribers list, you may find people who hardly open your emails. Instead of removing them from your subscribers list, focus on how you can re-engage them with the help of your holiday emails. The holiday season is an advantageous time to start your re-engagement campaigns. Shoppers are looking for gifts for family members and friends. While they are on the hunt for the perfect gift for someone in their lives, it is your chance to make an impression that will nudge them to visit your online store or your physical shop.

Ways to re-engage your customers this Winter

Make your subject lines matter: Come November time, your customers will be overwhelmed with sales and marketing emails which are all competing for their attention. The first step towards a successful re-engagement campaign is making your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. Make your subject lines interesting and inspiring so your subscribers feel encouraged to open them and see your great offers. Try to use relevant keywords to target customers, or include festive emojis to bring some more life to your subject line! We made this handy Pinterest guide to provide you with a few useful keywords you can use in your subject lines this holiday season.

Consider giving an incentive. This season, people are already looking to shop and find the best deals. A good offer will always help reel people in. Let’s be honest; holidays can hurt the pockets, and people want to find great deals to help them save. A discount code is a great incentive to get individuals to browse around and make a purchase.

Do not forget to personalize your re-engagement emails. After all, the winter holidays are a personal experience for everyone. People have their unique traditions and memories. Add content that is relevant to your customers, whether you choose to create a different email design based on gender, age, etc. If you can group your customers based on what they usually purchase or view on your site, you can send targeted emails for the products they are interested in. Put in the effort to reach out to your customers on a more individual level and you’re much more likely to win them back!

Make sure to add a big and bold call-to-action button. You have added the incentive and relevant content. Now, finish things off with a clear button that signals your subscribers to click. An easy gateway to the online store saves them time and hassle. During the busy holiday season, nobody has time to be searching through their emails for links, make yours clear and easy to find and your customers will be sure to appreciate the effort you’ve made. 

Don’t worry about the volume increase of your email campaigns during the holidays. This is the season when people are more willing to open their emails, despite receiving more promotional emails. Make sure to make it count with relevant holiday-themed content and great holiday deals, and you’ll be sure to succeed!